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Monday, March 10, 2008

Are Democrats ready to lead?

Just look at the mess the Democrats have made of their own nomination race:

  1. We have all heard the old Chicago election joke: vote early, vote often. That usually produces a chuckle. But to the Democrats, it’s no joke. Their nomination rules actually call for voters to vote twice, as they did in Texas. Is this supposed to be fair? I can just see Democrats asking to vote twice in the Presidential elections in November. Sweet.
  2. During elections, the parties usually seek to attract, rather that punish voters. Yet, this is exactly what the Democrats have done to voters of Michigan and, of all states, Florida. Whose brainchild is this, I wonder? Now the Democrats find themselves in a predictable predicament: Ignore, offend and alienate the voters in two critical states they will badly need in Presidential elections or change the rules of the Democratic nomination race. Nicely done!
  3. It is not apparent to almost everyone that barring a miracle, the Democratic nomination race will come down to whatever the Super delegates will decide in their smoke-free room (Do I need to put “Democratic” in quotes at this point?). Whose bright idea was to have Super delegates? I can only think of the vast right wing conspiracy. Surely, no “Democrat” could be responsible for that fiasco. The only reason why anyone would need Super delegates is to provide adult supervision over the regular voters’ desires, which strikes me as, well, autocratic, imperial, monarchical, in other words, the very antithetical of democratic. The choice that “Democrats” now face is this: If, as Obama urges, it is Super delegates' duty to follow their constituents vote, why have them in the first place – they become superfluous; if, as Hilary says, they should vote their conscience, we are back to the old smoke-free arm twisting back-room politics.

Thank you Democratic National Committee and it’s Chairman, Gov. Howard Dean. You may have just snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Again.

BTW, Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who today found himself at the epicenter of a prostitution ring scandal is a Democratic Super delegate! Apparently in Hilary's corner. Will he vote at the convention now? Will he go the way of Senator Joe Lieberman?

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