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Friday, February 1, 2008

A small victory for Israel in UNSC

"The ugly face of Palestinian terrorism - the relentless, vicious, and horrifying acts of violence directed at Israelis, simply because they are Israelis - is the greatest humanitarian crisis and the greatest threat to human rights and to peace and stability in our region," Gillerman told the council.

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najistani said...

If there's one fact about Islam that every non-Muslim should know, it is that the Islamic system of ethics and morality is totally different from all other religions.

Despite all the talk of 'Abrahamic faiths', Islam is utterly alien to the Judeo-Christian heritage.

The moral systems of all major religions, apart from Islam, are centred on the ethic of reciprocity - the Golden Rule 'Do not do to another what would be hurtful to you' (all the rest is commentary).

But there is no Golden Rule in Islam. Reciprocity only applies between 'brothers' (fellow Muslim

males) and does not extend to women and non-Muslims.

Instead, the Muslim ethical system is centred on the personality of the Cult leader himself - the sadistic, psychopathic pervert and charlatan Mohammed.

Muslims revere Mohammed as uswa hasana , a model for all time.

Whatever Muhammad did is what Muslims must do. There is no better pattern for life than the example of Muhammad,

href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-insan_al-kamil"> al-insan al-kamil, the Best of Men,
to be emulated by all Muslims.

Mohammed was a murderer, torturer, robber, warlord, mutilator, rapist, liar and pedophile.

If, as some believe, G_d has placed the Golden Rule at the heart of the world's religions, then surely Islam is an utter abomination.

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