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Monday, February 18, 2008

An Incredibly Amazing Headline

Cream to prevent HIV safe, but not effective: study

Another Amazing Headline, followed by an unbelievable article. Where does Reuters get its journalists??

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A cream designed to protect women from the AIDS virus did not prevent infection, but it was safe.
I see, a definite breakthrough - must be reported at once!
After three years 134 women using Carraguard became infected and 151 women given the placebo did. This difference was not statistically significant.
There are a dozen product in your kitchen ranging from honey to peanut butter that would achieve the same result.
The two other microbicides to finish testing have in fact made women more likely to become infected -- a spermicide called nonoxynol-9 and a product called Ushercell, made by Toronto, Canada-based Polydex Pharmaceuticals.
Oh my, I would have done better with raspberry yogurt. Maybe the story should be about wasted millions if dollars and no progress whatsoever! I am in the wrong business. If I pained lipstick on a pig like that where I work I would have lasted about a week. Apparently not so at som pharmas and Reuters...

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