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Friday, February 1, 2008

Aid to Palestinians

What's the latest on the greenhouses that Jews built in Gaza? Whatever happened to the "centerpiece of Palestinian plans for rebuilding Gaza"?

Here is a reminder:

(MSNBC) NEVE DEKALIM, Gaza Strip: American Jewish donors had bought more than 3,000 greenhouses from Israeli settlers in Gaza for $14 million last month and transferred them to the Palestinian Authority. Former World Bank President James Wolfensohn, who brokered the deal, put up $500,000 of his own cash.

Palestinian police stood by helplessly Tuesday as looters carted off materials from greenhouses in several settlements, and commanders complained they did not have enough manpower to protect the prized assets. In some instances, there was no security and in others, police even joined the looters, witnesses said.

The greenhouses are a centerpiece of Palestinian plans for rebuilding Gaza after 38 years of Israeli occupation. The Palestinian Authority hopes the high-tech greenhouses left by the Israelis will provide jobs and export income for Gaza’s shattered economy.
Gaza's greenhouses become hot property in Egypt
RAFAH, Egypt, Jan 31 (Reuters Life!) - As Palestinians trudged across the Rafah border to stock up, Yahya Salama had another mission -- to sell Israeli-style greenhouses in Egypt.

Salama, 30, carted metal bars and poles, and translucent plastic sheeting to sell to Egyptians after Hamas militants blasted open the border last week to ease the Israeli-led blockade of Gaza.

Palestinians with years of experience working in Israeli greenhouses say this equipment was unavailable in Egypt.

"The Egyptian greenhouses aren't as strong and can collapse in the wind ... The material they use to keep the viruses off the plants also isn't as good," Salama told Reuters.

Am I the only one who thinks that this is insane? For how long is the international community obliged to help the people whose leadership is not interested in building anything of value?

The Arabs in Gaza are now either working for UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) - known in US as the dole, "working" in one terrorist organization or another, or are the clients for UNRWA and a whole community of other non-profit charities.

Will there be a point at which somebody will ask for Arabs in Gaza to demonstrate their ability to do anything productive? Anything but lobbing missiles across the Israeli border, sharpshooting Israeli farmers or kidnapping their solders? Will Arabs in Gaza ever be required to EARN so called state of their own? If Arabs in Gaza ever hope to archive independence and a state, will they expect the world to provide for them forever? Can Arabs in Gaza export anything meaningfully except terror and Jew hatred?

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