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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today, I am a Jew

A very moving article by Judea Pearl on the anniversary of the murder of his son, Daniel Pearl on the pages of Opinion Journal.

In contrast, Danny's captors concentrated on his Jewish and Israeli heritage. Evidently the murderers were confident that Danny's Jewish connections were sufficient to license the gruesome murder they were about to commit. Such a brazen call to condone the killing of a human being by virtue of his religion or heritage is strongly reminiscent of the horrors perpetrated by Nazi Germany.

In a world governed by reason and leadership, one would expect world leaders to immediately denounce such racist calls before they become an epidemic. However, President Bush was the only world leader to acknowledge the connection between Danny's murder and the rise of anti-Semitism: "We reject the ancient evil of anti-Semitism whether it is practiced by the killers of Daniel Pearl or by those who burn synagogues in France." No European head of state rose to John F. Kennedy's "Ich bin ein Berliner" with the morally equivalent statement "Today, I am a Jew."

Also read Judea Pearl's response to Donald Graham's Washington Post insult.

In his final moments Danny told his captors on camera:
"My father is Jewish, My mother is Jewish, I am Jewish,"
and, as President Bush said in the White House last month:
"These words have become a source of inspiration to Americans of all faiths."

My son Daniel died mighty proud of his Jewish identity. He, like the millions of decent and peace-seeking Israelis, and Americans who proudly carry on their Jewish heritage, did not see his identity as "dependent on violence" as the title of Gandhi's article implies.

Mr. Graham, the article your editors have allowed to be posted is a painful insult to everything Daniel stood for, to everything America stands for, and to every decent person inspired by Daniel's words.

Too many people were killed, abused or dispossessed in the past century by words of irresponsible authors, often disguised as scholars or humanitarians, who pointed fingers at, and blamed one segment of society for the ills and maladies in the world.

Arun Gandhi did just that.
Mr. Pearl is the father of Daniel Pearl and president of the Daniel Pearl Foundation (www.danielpearl.org).

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