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Monday, January 21, 2008

THREE military laptops have gone missing as security breach grows

UK defense secretary Des Browne has just revealed to parliament that it's not just one MoD [Ministry of Defense] laptop that's been stolen - it's three. One was taken from a car in Manchester in October 2006, and another from an army careers office in Edinburgh in 2005. (ZDNet)
This is a second huge security snafu that we know about perpetrated by UK government. It is a mystery how they can be so nonchalant. Heads have not rolled yet in the 3 million records misplaced by UK post office.

But for the military to be so blasé about it is alarming. Can any government be trusted with our records?

Missing are the details of 600,000 people including passport numbers, insurance numbers, family background information and medical details. The MoD is writing to about 3,500 people whose bank details were included on the database.
Here is something to think about:
The loss of unencrypted personal details has sparked fears that servicemen and women could be targeted by Islamist terrorists after police last year broke up an alleged plot to kidnap and kill a British Muslim soldier. (DailyMail)

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