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Friday, January 4, 2008

Suicide Terror: What more will it take?

Simon Wiesenthal Center runs Petition to the United Nations against terror.

I find it enlightening that on UN site devoted to terrorism, the link to global strategy to counter terrorism returns a 404 - page not found!

So, why is that that UN find it so hard to agree on a definition of terrorism? It seems so obvious and simple to a lay person. After all, there was a proposal on UN table under consideration:

"The targeting and deliberate killing of civilians and non-combatants cannot be justified or legitimised by any cause or grievance"
Well, here is a hint (BBC):
The proposed convention has been stuck in a committee since 1996. The debate has focused on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa backed Mr Annan's latest definition, telling Reuters news agency that it could serve as the "basis for consensus".

However, "resisting occupation is a different issue altogether", he said.

In other words, the Arab league insists that killing Jews does not constitute an act of terrorism. Plain and simple. UN seems to agree. They consider the likes of PLO, Hamas Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and their elk - liberation movements.

Suicide Terror: What more will it take?
ACT NOW - Sign the SWC Petition Calling On the UN to Designate Suicide Terror a "Crime Against Humanity"

What more will it take for the world to act?

The horrific murder of former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is the latest in the unending plague of suicide terror attacks that have murdered thousands of innocents and destroyed tens of thousands of families across the globe.

Act now Sign our petition to United Nations Secretary General Ban-ki moon and General Assembly President Dr. Srgjan Kerim demanding that:

•The United Nations General Assembly hold a special session to deal exclusively with the scourge of suicide terror.

Unless we put suicide bombing on top of the international community’s agenda, this virulent cancer could engulf us all. The looming threat of WMDs in the hands of suicide bombers will dwarf the casualties already suffered in 30 countries.

•Suicide bombings should be designated Crimes Against Humanity.

At the end of WWII, when the unprecedented brutality of the Nazi death camps was discovered, the world responded by declaring those acts Crimes Against Humanity. We must find the courage to do the same to use the rule of law to stop all enablers of suicide terror.

•Religious leaders must act. They can no longer ignore the fact that
most suicide terrorists are believers.

Suicide terrorists believe they act in God’s name and enter paradise as holy martyrs. Religious leaders must use every sermon and every publication to denounce this belief as nothing less than an abomination of faith and a perversion of all that is godly.

The SWC's campaign to make suicide terror a "Crime Against Humanity" was launched in 2004 during a meeting with the late Pope John Paul II. Subsequently, it has been discussed with over 20 Foreign Ministers.

Take Immediate Action Now - urge that suicide terror be designated a crime against humanity Each and every one of your petitions will be hand-delivered to the United Nations.

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