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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ramesh Ponnuru on Obama

Ramesh Ponnuru speaks about "The Race Card and Obama":

But there's nothing racist about pointing out that Obama has used illegal drugs. And there's nothing racist about belittling his career, which has been pretty insubstantial compared to most past presidents. He is a freshman senator, his biggest legislation concerned the internal affairs of Congress, and he has never even had a difficult statewide general election.

For all the talk about Obama "transcends race," nobody would be taking his campaign seriously if he didn't have the potential to be our first black president. And when the going gets tough, his friends play the race card.

Senator Clinton can hardly complain. When she has trouble in debates, her campaign portrays her as a poor little girl beset by mean boys. When she lost Iowa to Obama, one of her allies explained that Iowans aren't used to voting for women. (But they are used to voting for black men?)

Republicans are enjoying the spectacle of these dueling identity groups. But it's a taste of what the general election has in store for them. The Republican nominee is guaranteed to be attacked as racist or sexist, no matter how innocuous his words.
Now that's the straight talk not commonly found on our paranoidly PC media. Ramesh must be a foreigner. Well said.

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