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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama's not a Muslim, but why should it matter?

In the words of Leonard Pitts:

Barack Obama is not a Muslim. We know this because he has told us so. We know it because there is no credible evidence to suggest otherwise. We know it despite a campaign of lies and whispers from various bloggers, pundits and head cases. Barack Obama is not a Muslim. But, what if he were?

Leonard later answers his own question:
It's no mystery why the nation's opinion of Muslims is becoming less favorable. In a word, terrorism. And, frankly, Americans are right to fear Muslim fanatics who embrace violence as a means of getting what they want.
He continues:
But see, the key word there is not Muslim. It's fanatic. Yet some of us still think Muslim is the brand name for crazy. Me, I think the only difference between religious fanatics here and in the Middle East is that Middle Eastern nations tend to be theocratic (i.e., the word of the holy book has the force of law) and to be intolerant — sometimes, violently so — of dissent. So no one dares tell them no.
I just prefer my presidents — regardless of their religion — reasonable. And sane.
Agreed. And Leonard has an excellent point. However, there IS a difference between a modern Christian religious fanatic and an Islamic one: While the Christian is likely to write an OpEd in NY Times, the Islamic is more prone to blowing himself up in New York City.

There is another important point to ponder - reciprocity. May I suggest that is Saudi Arabia would allow Bibles to be distributed in its Kingdom, Kuwaitis would take questions from Jewish journalists, Syrians stop producing TV shows based on the "Elders of Zion" fabrication, Iran stop holding revisionist Holocaust denial conferences, etc... The Western countries may be much more receptive to Muslim leadership in their lands.

In other words: Stop killing us first, show some tolerance second and then you will be the beneficiaries of the West's goodwill. Until then, Islamic politicians will remain a rarety at best.

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