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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In their words: Syria today

Just another day in the Middle East. Syria is sponsoring a terror love-in in Damascus on the same day as it is calling for an Anti-Israeli resolution at the hornets nest of partisanship - UN Security Council. Syria assumed the presidency of the UNSC marking the second time the terrorist-sponsoring nation has held the prestigious post.

Israeli counselor Gilad Cohen addressed the [UN] council for a second time Tuesday afternoon, calling Syria's condemnation of Israel "hypocritical."

"It is hence the height of hypocrisy, cynicism and indecency for the distinguished representative of Syria to address the council and condemn Israel for merely defending itself against the very Hamas terrorists that it [Syria] supports," said Cohen. "Damascus is home and headquarters to numerous terrorist organizations, including Islamic Jihad and Hamas - the latter [of] whose political leader, Khaled Mashaal, lives there while continuing to orchestrate the killing of Israelis. Israel urges all states to end their support for terrorists and terrorism, in accordance with international law."

DAMASCUS (AFP) - Hamas and Syria-based Palestinian radical groups called for stepped up resistance against Israel as they began a three-day "national conference" Wednesday.
"I call for the pursuit of popular anger against the Zionists and the Americans until the blockade is lifted," Meshaal said.

Talal Naji of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC), which is organising the conference along with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, said Palestinians should "amplify the resistance against Zionist occupation."
DailyStar: "No one has authorization to give up Jerusalem, the refugees' right of return or any of the historic rights," the conference declaration said. "Resistance against the Zionist occupation is the main form of struggle to achieve liberation."
Meshaal said on Tuesday that Palestinians would continue to target Israel with rockets until the Jewish state ended its "onslaught" in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.
Times: Avi Dichter, the Israeli Public Security Minister, said that the town of Sderot, which is close to the Gaza border and has been hit by hundreds of Palestinian rockets in recent weeks, was close to collapse.

“The Government must instruct the [Israeli Army] to eliminate the rocket fire from Gaza entirely. These attacks need not be minimised or managed, but stopped completely, irrespective of the cost to the Palestinians,” he told the Cabinet yesterday.

The Palestinians' battle will not end with the entry of fuel into the Strip, and even if Gaza drowns in fuel the battle won't be over, Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal said Wednesday.

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