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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hizbullah TV now in Asia and Pacific - Freedom of Hate

This just in from "The Media Line":

THAICOM, a private satellite company in Thailand, has begun airing the broadcasts of Hizbullah’s Al-Manar TV. The satellite covers Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and most of Europe.
The Thai satellite has significantly boosted the resonance of Al-Manar's propaganda messages around the world, said the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) in Herzliya, Israel. "This is an outrage," said ITIC head, Dr. Reuven Erlich. “Other satellites have stopped airing Al-Manar, so Hizbullah has found a way round it.”

"It's a war. Al-Manar is Hizbullah's main communication tool, through which it spreads anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic, and anti-American incitement. It spreads Hizbullah and Iranian values of radical Islam," Erlich explained. He added that the fact that Al-Manar can now be seen in south-east Asia, means that Indonesia and Malaysia, two countries with a large Muslim population, are open to its messages of hatred.
In the past few years since the European satellites stopped airing Al-Manar, the station could only be seen via two Arab satellites: Nilesat and Arabsat. The former is an Egyptian-owned satellite [Thank you, our friend and ally - Mubarak! ..HD], which broadcasts to the Middle East, North Africa, and a few countries in southern Europe. The latter is a pan-Arab satellite, with approximately the same reach.
Here is a sample of the Al-Manar message, courtesy MEMRI : Lebanese Researcher and Former Convicted Terrorist Anis Al-Naqqash.
I say straightforwardly that the U.S. is the enemy of the Arabs, the Muslims, and all of humanity. This empire must die. What means or methods should be employed, or where and how you should deal it a blow – that is up to the fighters and the mujahideen, and up to the resistance throughout the world.

Whoever says that we are the ones who started it, or that we were the ones who attacked them, giving them a reason to attack us, as if [the U.S.] were as harmless as Santa Claus and has never done anything to the world, does not need any oil, does not support Israel… It is as if [the U.S.] did not perpetrate all these crimes throughout the world, and as if it was the 19 [terrorists] who changed the strategy of the world, when they attacked New York.


The strategy that serves our interests is to get the U.S. embroiled in endless wars, which it cannot win. Wasn't it in their interest to get the USSR mixed up in a war it could not win, in order to get rid of it? Weren't they right to do so? We would read about this and say: "They are smart, they have research institutes and intelligence agencies." What are we – donkeys? It is in our interests for the U.S. to get mixed up in every possible crisis and fail. This does not constitute an attack against peaceful people, but against those who attacked us. This attack does not target those who epitomize justice and humanity on earth, but those who epitomize crime on earth – beginning with the Kyoto Agreement and air pollution, and culminating with all the wars and military coups carried out by the U.S. [this last bit sounds almost like a US Democratic candidate.. HD]


I say: Let's go to war. We need to reach the desired outcome, which is to put an end to American control [in the region].

I wander, will THAICOM setup a special "Shaheed" bundle that would include Hizbullah, Hamas and Iran TV? Their business would really rock and roll if they promise a refund once the subscriber actually goes out and commits a suicide bombing! As long as the offices of THAICOM are not targeted...

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