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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hamas holds council by candlelight

Has anyone noticed a short passage that seems to have slipped through Reuters blanket dittoing Hamas propaganda machine on Gazan privations?

Canada.com: On Tuesday morning, Palestinian lawmakers in Gaza held a session by candlelight, drawing curtains on windows to keep out sunlight as invited television crews filmed the meeting.
I must say - Paliwood gets more and more sophisticated as time goes by. The "candlelight during the daytime" is a rare slop. I imagine - heads will roll. I and, since it's Hamas we are talking about, I do mean it literally.

The children candlelight demonstration in Gaza was a masterstroke. Assisted by practically all the news syndication media, the story has become the sufferings of little children of Gaza rather than Hamas' depravity. For five years these murderers have been lobbing rockets at civilians on the Israeli side of the border and it was a story confined to Israel only.

Hamas must have provided all news outlets with stock clips of premature babies and crying mothers. These have been running non-stop. As well as the shots of Gazans walking up to their knees in shit. I have not seen one comment on Hamas' governing ability. Where I come from, the heads of government are expected to take care of latrines, power and potholes.

But of course, the last thing Hamas is interested in is responsible governing. They are using international assistance, humanitarian funding and sympathy to arm and train their terrorist squads and to gather strength in preparation to another all out war.

They know that they can't loose: The media, UN, EU will be all over Israel the moment Jews decide to retaliate.

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