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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Egypt just bought itself Gaza... back

What do you call two countries without a border? One country!

Egypt could not rid itself fast enough of Gaza back in '79 when the peace agreement with Israel was negotiated. Lest we forget, the seeds of Gaza crisis were originally created back in '49 when Egypt rejected the idea of integrating the refugees fleeing the Arab - Israeli war of '48 and chose to confine them in the small strip Egypt managed to occupy for it's military adventure.

Now, thanks to some of the clumsiest American diplomacy (Thanks Condy!) and unbelievable stupidity and irresponsibility of the Israeli government, we have another decisive Hamas victory.

What was that Bush wanted the Palestinian state to be?

jihadwatch.org: Bush calls for "painful political concessions" by both sides, but spells them out only for Israel. A contiguous Palestinian state would, of course, mean a bisected Israel, or a vastly diminished one that would be almost completely defenseless.
Well, as Egypt and Gaza melt together over the next weeks, at least the idea of bisecting Israel is dead on arrival.

In the meanwhile, Amman must be watching in horror: We all know what the next stage on the Hamas agenda is: a takeover over the PA controlled parts of the Judea and Samaria, rocket attacks on major Israeli population centers, following by Israeli pressure and isolation and than hostile takeover of Jordan by Hamas.

Think this is far fetched? Let's review in two years or so.

BTW, In addition to blowing the Egyptian border wall [not to be confused with the "apartheid" wall - when Jews defend themselves, it's obviously apartheid...] in 17 explosions aided by heavy mashinery, Hamas fired at least 16 Kassam rockets at the Sderot area today.

Olmert had any brains or balls, which he manifestly does not, he would unload Gaza, fortify the Egyptian border, tell all NGO's and UNRWA to operate from Egypt only, finally pronounce Oslo dead, ignore fading Abbas and negotiate the final agreement with the Palestinian State of Jordan. Any bets that reason will eventually prevail?

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