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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Did Rupert Murdoch’s FOX help propel Barack Obama to winning the primaries?

To what extent did the convincing performance of Dennis Haysbert, playing the character of US president David Palmer on popular television series “24”, contributed to getting the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire accustomed to the idea of a black president?

That show commands an almost fanatical following even among those who do not agree with the philosophic premise of the series. I have some very left-leaning African-American friends who watch the entire DVD, all 24 episodes, as a family. A weekend 24 marathon they call it.

Consciously or not, I bet that watching the powerful presence of Dennis Haysbert in this role has influenced the voters. I’d like to see some statistician correlate the primaries’ voting patterns of the Democrats with their TV viewing habits.

It would be ironic if Rupert Murdoch’s show would ultimately help propel Barack Obama to winning the primaries and, quite possibly, the presidency.

Incidentally, when the producers of “24” needed to cast a real cad as president - Charles Logan, they picked Gregory Itzin, who looks rather white. Not to read too much into it, but, I guess, we are just not prejudice free enough to tolerate the portrayal of an African-American who made good only to turn out to be a real slimebucket and traitor.

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