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Friday, January 18, 2008

Between the lines: News from Gaza

Aha, Israel is back to bombing abandoned buildings. That will really show Hamas!

How did the Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, put it when he said that Israel would not tolerate the rocket attacks and vowed to strike at militants "without compromise, without concessions and without mercy". I see the significance of what he said now!

IDF air strike hits abandoned Gaza interior ministry.

[It was almost comical in 2000 when Arafat unleashed the war: Following every Palestinian atrocity in Israel , Pals would immediately abandon the government buildings. IDF would telephone PA about a impending air strike. You could see the Arabs clearing their offices – the furniture, the EU computers and the like. That would be followed by a PA press release about a “massacre” followed by routine condemnations from the Arab block, EU and UN. Newsheads would pontificate on the subject of “cycle of violence”, smartly implying that if Israel would only play nice, stop being stupid and stop any and all retaliation – terrorists would just magically stop terrorizing and start a ping-pong championship instead.]

With the intensified Kassam rocket barrage from the Gaza Strip pounding Negev communities for the fourth consecutive day, the IDF has responded in kind, striking an abandoned building which had once served as the Hamas-run interior ministry, Palestinians reported on Friday evening.

[How is it that a JPost writer can get the gist of a story in a short paragraph, while it takes AFP and AP 25 paragraphs of Israel bashing before they get around to telling folks what happened, if at all?]

According to Palestinian witnesses and hospital officials, one woman was killed in air strike, and at least 48 people were injured. The building, which was situated in a residential district of the Gaza Strip, sustained severe damage, the witnesses said.

[Well done boys of the IDF – you have just killed a cleaning lady. Let’s promote the general who made the call. Or was it the Prime himself? ]

An IDF spokeswoman confirmed the strike, and said it targeted "a Hamas headquarters", and was part of Israel's campaign against the constant firing of rockets from Gaza into Israel.

[Lost me on how the cleaning lady is a part of the campaign…. Or does IDF speaks of a campaign to imply that Olmert actually has a plan? I don’t think so, unless having most Israelis live under constant rocket fire is part of his trickery.]

Also on Friday, Israeli troops from the elite under-cover "Duvdevan" unit killed a top Palestinian terror chief in the West Bank who was affiliated with the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, group with ties to the Fatah movement headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

[Translation. When they say “ties to Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas” – they mean –the bastard is on PA payroll – earning a pension by killing Jews. Well, not any more… Paid for ultimately by the EU, US and, even Israeli transfer money. Heck they just got $7.5B of it from donors. What’s not to like?!]

Ahmad Sanakra, a commander in Tanzim, was killed in the Balata refugee camp in Nablus. The PA has in recent months been unable, or at least claims to have been unable, to rein in the renegade group.

[Gosh, so we are back to the Arafat dilemma: Is he unwilling or unable to arrest the terrorists? Which are you Mahmoud Abbas? The result is always the same – killers roam free in PA controlled territories]

Meanwhile, Kassam rockets continued to rain on Friday morning in Sderot and other western Negev settlements.

[Israelis need to call NASA. They have advanced programs to deal with the incoming objects - Planetary Defense the call it. Can’t Israel be a part of the research?]

Eight rockets were fired towards Sderot, two of which landed in open fields.

Of the four rockets that reached Sderot, one landed near a WIZO center, damaging several cars in the area.

[Day care center - Now that sounds like a favorite terror target. Were Pals aiming for it this time?

WIZO - Women's International Zionist's Organization, founded in London in 1920 by Rebecca Sieff, is currently active in 50 countries around the world, providing for the welfare of Israel's infants, children, youth, women and elderly.]

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