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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

4.3 million men to be circumcised

We need our own anti-Aids campaign. I suggest that we ask the members of Bush cabinet, the honorable members of Congress and Supreme Court judges to step forward to be snipped.

But it should be the primaries candidates who should be leading the way to the chopping block. May I suggest that their
circumcision be done publicly and televised. That can be immediately followed by a policy debate.

BBC: Rwanda has launched a campaign to encourage all men to be circumcised, to reduce the risk of catching HIV/Aids. A health minister told the BBC that soldiers, policemen and students would be asked to come forward first for circumcision.
The population of Rwanda is about 8.6m, assuming that half of them men, that would make it the largest public circumcision drive since the Spanish Inquisition.

The picture of the
soldiers, policemen and students all queuing up to a little guillotine is priceless.

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