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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Arab town plans big celebration for Israel Independence Day

Shfaram mayor decides to include his town in festivities for Israel's 60th anniversary; says 'we feel we are a part of Israel, we don't want our children to hate country'

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Taking on the Israel bashers

Rabid enthusiasm always dominates the annual internationally co-ordinated Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW), the fourth of which unfolds on six Canadian university campuses Feb. 3-10. Jubilant promotional material informs us that IAW 2008 will be “celebrated” for the first time at Palestinian universities.

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Holocaust Hypocrisy

Despising Hitler’s form of anti-Semitism is not difficult. It killed 6 million Jews. But centuries of history show that hatred for the Jews manifests itself in various shapes and shades. Anti-Semitism is arguably humanity’s ugliest, most persistent ideological wart.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

French gendarmes stick it to Bill Gates

The French are leading the move to open systems: Ubuntu, OpenOffice & Firefox. These are the first visible cracks in the Microsoft domination of the desktop. The tectonic plates are moving and the fault lines are about to start fracturing. Given Microsoft torpid product cycle, Redmond will find it increasingly difficult to response to Ubuntu six months release schedule. This is getting interesting...

(ABS-CBN) PARIS - The French paramilitary police force said Wednesday it is ditching Microsoft for the free Linux operating system, becoming one of the biggest administrations in the world to make the break.

The gendarmerie's 70,000 desktops currently use Microsoft's Windows XP operating system. But these will progressively change over to the Linux system distributed by Ubuntu.

"We will introduce Linux every time we have to replace a desktop computer," he said, "so this year we expect to change 5,000-8,000 to Ubuntu and then 12,000-15,000 over the next four years so that every desktop uses the Linux operating system by 2013-2014."

He also added that "the Linux interface is ahead of other operating systems currently on the market for professional use."

In 2005 the gendarmerie switched from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice -- a collection of applications such as a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation program similar to Microsoft Powerpoint, all of which can be downloaded free. A year later it abandoned Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for the Mozilla Foundation's browser Firefox and its email client Thunderbird.

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Where does you candidate stand?

Regardless of your stand on the President Bush, the War in Iraq and Afghanistan, whether your affiliation is with the Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians or Independents, you should ask yourself a simple question:

Where does your favorite candidate stand on the the War Against Jihadism?

George Weigel, the author of the "Faith, Reason, and the War Against Jihadism" asks that much on the pages of Newsweek, a publication that is usually singularly inhospitable to the Clash of Civilizations views.

Extended quote below:

That is what we are fighting: jihadism, the religiously inspired ideology which teaches that it is every Muslim's duty to use any means necessary to compel the world's submission to Islam. That most of the world's Muslims do not accept this definition of the demands of their faith is true—and beside the point. The jihadists believe this. That is why they are the enemy of their fellow Muslims and the rest of the world. For decades, an internal Islamic civil war, born of Islam's difficult encounter with modernity, has been fought over such key modern political ideas as religious toleration and the separation of religious and political authority in a just state. That intra-Islamic struggle now engages the rest of humanity. To ignore this, to imagine it's all George W. Bush's fault, or to misrepresent it because of a prudish reluctance to discuss religion in public, is to repeat the mistakes the advocates of appeasement made in the 1930s.

In the mid-twentieth century, it was important to understand the ideas that fed the totalitarian passions of fascism, Nazism and communism. It is just as important today to understand the ideas of such progenitors of jihadist ideology as the Egyptian scholar-activists Hassan al-Banna (1906–1949) and Sayyid Qutb (1903–1966). Why? Because the power of ideas that can call men and women to make great sacrifices can only be trumped by the power of more compelling ideas that summon forth nobler sacrifices. Yet while our presidential candidates have endlessly debated who-was-right-or-wrong-and-when about Iraq, the imperative of effective U.S. public diplomacy—of making the argument for freedom and decency effectively around the world—has gone largely unremarked. That failure reflects a reluctance to grasp the nature of this new kind of struggle.

This is a war of ideas, pitting two different notions of the good society against each other. The jihadist vision claims the sanction of God. The western vision of the free society, in which civility involves engaging differences with respect, has both religious and philosophical roots. Some Americans have lost touch with the deepest cultural sources of the nation's commitments to religious freedom, tolerance and democratic persuasion, thinking of these good things as mere pragmatic arrangements. But if the United States can't explain to the world why religious freedom, civility, tolerance and democratic persuasion are morally superior to coercion in religious and political matters, then America stands disarmed before those who believe it their duty to impose a starkly different view of the good society on us.

The war against jihadism is being contested on many fronts simultaneously. There is a military front, which involves Afghanistan and Iraq but also includes such unlikely places as the Caribbean, Mali and the Philippines. There is an intelligence front, an economic front, an energy front and a homeland-security front. Such a complex war, which could last a generation or more, cannot be the prerogative or burden of one political party. The war against jihadism must be owned by both political parties. Thus one measure of any presidential candidate's seriousness is this: can he or she build a bipartisan coalition capable of sustaining the long-haul struggle required to defeat jihadist nihilism?

The landscape is indeed forbidding. Still, there is some good news: the war against jihadism can lead to cultural and political renewal in America. Making compelling arguments in favor of the free society reconnects us with the great ideas on which our liberties rest. Putting faith and reason into conversation strengthens the unity of our diverse society. Defending religious freedom, and supporting Muslim reformers who seek an Islamic case for tolerance and pluralism, reminds us that American civil society is built on truths about the dignity of human life. Energy policies that de-fund jihadism by reducing our reliance on petroleum as a transportation fuel can ignite entrepreneurial energies, revitalize the American auto industry, and help the environment. Rational homeland security policies can make us safer and less beholden to political correctness.

The jihadist merchants of death must be defeated morally as well as militarily. Doing so offers the American people the opportunity for national self-renewal and the chance to defend the cause of human dignity throughout the world. The stakes—the future of freedom—are very high indeed. It's past time for those who would lead us to acknowledge that.

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Today, I am a Jew

A very moving article by Judea Pearl on the anniversary of the murder of his son, Daniel Pearl on the pages of Opinion Journal.

In contrast, Danny's captors concentrated on his Jewish and Israeli heritage. Evidently the murderers were confident that Danny's Jewish connections were sufficient to license the gruesome murder they were about to commit. Such a brazen call to condone the killing of a human being by virtue of his religion or heritage is strongly reminiscent of the horrors perpetrated by Nazi Germany.

In a world governed by reason and leadership, one would expect world leaders to immediately denounce such racist calls before they become an epidemic. However, President Bush was the only world leader to acknowledge the connection between Danny's murder and the rise of anti-Semitism: "We reject the ancient evil of anti-Semitism whether it is practiced by the killers of Daniel Pearl or by those who burn synagogues in France." No European head of state rose to John F. Kennedy's "Ich bin ein Berliner" with the morally equivalent statement "Today, I am a Jew."

Also read Judea Pearl's response to Donald Graham's Washington Post insult.

In his final moments Danny told his captors on camera:
"My father is Jewish, My mother is Jewish, I am Jewish,"
and, as President Bush said in the White House last month:
"These words have become a source of inspiration to Americans of all faiths."

My son Daniel died mighty proud of his Jewish identity. He, like the millions of decent and peace-seeking Israelis, and Americans who proudly carry on their Jewish heritage, did not see his identity as "dependent on violence" as the title of Gandhi's article implies.

Mr. Graham, the article your editors have allowed to be posted is a painful insult to everything Daniel stood for, to everything America stands for, and to every decent person inspired by Daniel's words.

Too many people were killed, abused or dispossessed in the past century by words of irresponsible authors, often disguised as scholars or humanitarians, who pointed fingers at, and blamed one segment of society for the ills and maladies in the world.

Arun Gandhi did just that.
Mr. Pearl is the father of Daniel Pearl and president of the Daniel Pearl Foundation (www.danielpearl.org).

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

UK paying for 'migrant baby boom'

Anyone for another reading of While Europe Slept by Bruce Bawer?

Funny that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not seem to have this problem. It would seem that you have to be a Muslim to live there. Pretty much the same as in the Kingdom of Bahrain the Sultanate of Oman, and the Emirates of Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

Should anyone be surprised at the result?

(BBC) The NHS is spending £350m a year to provide maternity services for foreign-born mothers, £200m more than a decade ago, the BBC has found.

While the number of babies born to British mothers has fallen by 44,000 a year since the mid-1990s, the figure for babies born to foreign mothers has risen by 64,000 - a 77% increase which has pushed the overall birth-rate to its highest level for 26 years.

In central London, where six out of every 10 babies born has a foreign-born mother, senior consultants and health managers blame the lack of resources to deal with the pressures of migration for unacceptably poor standards.
And here is the abstract Bruce Bawer's "How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within":
As an American living in Europe since 1998, Bruce Bawer has seen this problem up close. Across the continent—in Amsterdam, Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, and Stockholm—he encountered large, rapidly expanding Muslim enclaves in which women were oppressed and abused, homosexuals persecuted and killed, “infidels” threatened and vilified, Jews demonized and attacked, barbaric traditions (such as honor killing and forced marriage) widely practiced, and freedom of speech and religion firmly repudiated.

The European political and media establishment turned a blind eye to all this, selling out women, Jews, gays, and democratic principles generally—even criminalizing free speech—in order to pacify the radical Islamists and preserve the illusion of multicultural harmony. The few heroic figures who dared to criticize Muslim extremists and speak up for true liberal values were systematically slandered as fascist bigots. Witnessing the disgraceful reaction of Europe’s elites to 9/11, to the terrorist attacks on Madrid, Beslan, and London, and to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Bawer concluded that Europe was heading inexorably down a path to cultural suicide.

Europe's Muslim communities are powder kegs, brimming with an alienation born of the immigrants’ deep antagonism toward an infidel society that rejects them and compounded by misguided immigration policies that enforce their segregation and empower the extremists in their midst. The mounting crisis produced by these deeply perverse and irresponsible policies finally burst onto our television screens in October 2005, as Paris and other European cities erupted in flames.

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Encyclopedia Jihad

Lovely achivement by the flower of the ROP in London. Thankfully intercepted in time. The stuff that dreams are made of - ROP dreams that is.

(AFP) An Islamist extremist hatched a plot to kidnap a British Muslim soldier on a night out in central England and behead him "like a pig" in a lock-up garage, a British court heard Tuesday. Khan hoped to kidnap a Muslim serviceman from the entertainment district in Birmingham with the help of drug dealers.

"He would be taken to a lock-up garage and there he would be murdered by having his head cut off like a pig," he said. "This atrocity would be filmed... and the film released to cause panic and fear within the British armed forces and the wider public.

"The lawyer said Khan, a father-of-three from Birmingham, was at the heart of a "terrorist cell" in the city and sent items to extremists in Pakistan disguised as aid for earthquake victims, medicine or food. They included computer hard drives, range-finders, night vision and other electronic equipment, sleeping bags, walkie-talkies and waterproof map holders.

Jurors were told how a search of Iqbal's home in Perry Barr found a bag of CDs and DVDs, including a computer disc entitled Encyclopedia Jihad. The material included electronic "books" on everything from booby traps and grenades to United States Army field manuals and a "Mujahideen poison book".

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Disgraceful behavior in Israel

Seditious Israeli-Arab Knesset members, including Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List-Ta'al) and Jamal Zahalka (Balad), will attend the funeral of George Habash, the founder and former secretary-general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Why is that that the people Arabs admire the most are mass murderers? These insurrectionary members of the Israeli Parlament behave as if they already were the Hamas leaders rather than representing Israeli Arabs.

George Habash is responsible for gunning down 27 people at Israel's Lod airport in May 1972 among many, many other acts of terror against the Jewish state.

What is most alarming and troubling is the complete inaction of the Israeli government, the silence of other Arab-Israelis and other MKs.

Read more at JPost.

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The border guards are back

The border guards are back on the Gaza-Egypt border. Inviting, isn't it? Makes you want to rush right in and visit the friendly Hamas run Gazastan. George Bush - Give then a State!

On the bright side, now that he Gaza-Egypt border has been open for a week, not only explosives, guns and bullets made its way through, but the flags.

Yes, the flags are back!! Burn them all. Amazing how every time half a dozen Arabs get together, they have to burn someone's flag. Well, in Gaza, it's the law! George Bush - Give then a State!

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Partner for Peace ...

Mahmoud Abbas, looks during a ceremony to mark the death of George Habash (seen in picture in background), the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP), at his headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Sunday, Jan. 27, 2008. Habash, whose radical PLO faction gained notoriety after the simultaneous hijackings of four Western airliners in 1970 and the seizure of an Air France flight to Entebbe, Uganda, died Saturday in Jordan, where he had been living since 1992.

PLFP was responsible for simultaneous hijackings of four Western airliners in 1970 and the seizure of an Air France flight to Entebbe, Uganda.

The group also was responsible for gunning down 27 people at Israel's Lod airport in May 1972. And it was behind what is considered one of the first Palestinian hijackings, of an Israeli El Al flight from Rome to Tel Aviv in 1968.

Mahmoud Abbas
's office declared a 3-day mourning period for Habash. Nabil Abu Rdainah, a senior Abbas aide, paid tribute to him as a "historical leader."

In Damascus, senior Hamas official Mohammad Nazzal said Habash's death was a "huge loss" for the Palestinian cause.

"We had our ideological differences, but Dr. Habash shared Hamas' opposition to the peace deals the Palestinian Liberation Organisation signed with the Jewish state as a sell-out of Palestinian rights," Nazzal said.

Give him a State. My foot.

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Ex-Russian operative led UN 'spy nest'

UNITED NATIONS - A former Russian top spy says his agents helped the Russian government steal nearly $500 million from the U.N.'s oil-for-food program in Iraq before the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

Tretyakov, former deputy head of intelligence at Russia's U.N. mission from 1995 to 2000, names some names, but sticks mainly to code names. Among the spies he says he recruited for Russia were a Canadian nuclear weapons expert who became a U.N. nuclear verification expert in Vienna, a senior Russian official in the oil-for-food program and a former Soviet bloc ambassador. He describes a Russian businessman who got hold of a nuclear bomb, and kept it stored in a shed at his dacha outside Moscow.

An 18-month investigation into the oil-for-food corruption, led by former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, culminated in an October 2005 report accusing more than 2,200 companies from some 40 countries of colluding with Saddam's regime to bilk the humanitarian program in Iraq of $1.8 billion.

"I got extremely disgusted with the Russian government, and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. I'm not very emotional. I'm not a Boy Scout," said Tretyakov, who was accompanied during the interview by his wife, Helen, and Earley. "Knowing people who are running Russia, I started feeling that it's immoral to help them. And finally in my life, when I defected, I did something good in my life. Because I want to help United States."

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Can Reuters spell? "holocause remembered" ????

I would think that Reuters could hire better educated help. On the other hand, given the general quality of their reporting - not surprising!

"Victims of holocause remembered" ????

Here is the link.


Click on the picture to enlarge image.

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Muslim Bakery head wielded political clout

After the slaying in August of journalist Chauncey Bailey, allegedly killed by a bakery handyman, the story of city leaders genuflecting at the door of the now-disgraced bakery seems troubling.

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Obama's not a Muslim, but why should it matter?

In the words of Leonard Pitts:

Barack Obama is not a Muslim. We know this because he has told us so. We know it because there is no credible evidence to suggest otherwise. We know it despite a campaign of lies and whispers from various bloggers, pundits and head cases. Barack Obama is not a Muslim. But, what if he were?

Leonard later answers his own question:
It's no mystery why the nation's opinion of Muslims is becoming less favorable. In a word, terrorism. And, frankly, Americans are right to fear Muslim fanatics who embrace violence as a means of getting what they want.
He continues:
But see, the key word there is not Muslim. It's fanatic. Yet some of us still think Muslim is the brand name for crazy. Me, I think the only difference between religious fanatics here and in the Middle East is that Middle Eastern nations tend to be theocratic (i.e., the word of the holy book has the force of law) and to be intolerant — sometimes, violently so — of dissent. So no one dares tell them no.
I just prefer my presidents — regardless of their religion — reasonable. And sane.
Agreed. And Leonard has an excellent point. However, there IS a difference between a modern Christian religious fanatic and an Islamic one: While the Christian is likely to write an OpEd in NY Times, the Islamic is more prone to blowing himself up in New York City.

There is another important point to ponder - reciprocity. May I suggest that is Saudi Arabia would allow Bibles to be distributed in its Kingdom, Kuwaitis would take questions from Jewish journalists, Syrians stop producing TV shows based on the "Elders of Zion" fabrication, Iran stop holding revisionist Holocaust denial conferences, etc... The Western countries may be much more receptive to Muslim leadership in their lands.

In other words: Stop killing us first, show some tolerance second and then you will be the beneficiaries of the West's goodwill. Until then, Islamic politicians will remain a rarety at best.

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BEIRUT: 7 Dead in electricity rationing protests

I am trembling. Will UN Security Council, UN Human Rights Council, European Union, the Arab League and Organization of the Islamic Conference now demand that Israel supply Hezbollah with electricity and gas like they have insisted they supply Hamas?

Electricity cutoffs in recent months were extended for the first time to Beirut, where more than 1 million Lebanese live. More than 15 years after Lebanon's 1975-90 civil war, the country's power grid still has not been fully restored, and such protests have been common in the past few weeks, mainly in areas where the opposition has strong support.

Lebanon is also embroiled in its worst political crisis since the end of the civil war. Former President Emile Lahoud left office on Nov. 23 without a successor, and parliament has so far failed to elect the army chief to replace him amid bickering between the parliament majority and the opposition.

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Pakistan tests missile, rejects nuclear safety worry

Published in Reuters Oddly Enough: Strange-but-true. What do they know at Reuters that you don't?

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Wikipedia, Ubuntu founders back 'open education'

Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales and Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth are backing a scheme to make publicly funded education materials freely available on the internet.http://www.capetowndeclaration.org/read-the-declaration

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How To Roll Your Own Linux Distro

It sounds daunting, and there's a lot that's definitely not for beginners. But in terms of what you can learn along the way and what you end up with, it's on a par with building your own PC from scratch.

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Cradle of the Electric Car

Can Renault-Nissan and Project Better Place make a success of the low-pollution vehicles in a country with bigger problems than the environment?

The Israeli government, which hasn't gotten high marks for environmental protection, has become the new venture's biggest supporter. On Jan. 13 an unprecedented proposal was approved by the Cabinet to tax new cars based on their emissions levels. The biggest break would go to zero-emissions vehicles like the Better Place Renault and Nissan models planned for the Israeli market. They would be taxed at a 10% rate, compared with current rates of 79% on regular new cars and 30% on hybrids. The proposal recommends the tax on zero-emissions cars remain in place through 2014 and rise gradually to 30% in 2019, or be amended if their market share reaches 20%.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert justified the generous tax benefits saying zero-emissions cars would change the country's lifestyle and help Israel end its total dependency on imported energy.

Even though Israel is only a blip in the world's car market, Agassi's dream is to turn the country into a global trendsetter. He will have his work cut out for him, though—first in proving the electric car idea can work, then selling the idea to Israelis, who are just beginning to show an interest in the environment.

More on the Inventor Spot:

When a country can't buy oil from most of the Middle East, there are a few smart things to do: reduce consumption, buy from somewhere else, or, introduce the most revolutionary electric car infrastructure ever. For Israel, it's doing all three.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Abbas calls for mourning as victims of the Holocaust remembered

The United Nations General Assembly will observe on Monday the third international day to commemorate victims of the Holocaust with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon calling on the world never to let it happen again. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called three days of national mourning.

That will be the day!

Our friend and "peace partner" Mahmoud Abbas, he could not bring himself to say a word about the Holocaust remembrance. Instead, he declared three days of mourning for George Habash, the arch-terrorist whose entire life was devoted to wiping the Jews off the map.

Mr Abbas called Habash a "historic leader" and ordered Palestinian flags to fly at half-mast.

While UN Ban Ki-moon issued a statement marking the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, he is presiding over an organization that concentrates incredible efforts and resources on delegitimizing Israel and making the next Holocaust, not just possible, but likely.

And here is the partial list of PFLP atrocities - courtesy Wikipedia.

Also, Gordon Brown opines:

Why remember? Because, more than 60 years after the liberation of Belsen, Treblinka and Auschwitz, and as the last of the survivors now grow old, we simply cannot afford to forget. Each generation must learn and understand the dark forces and culpable failures that allowed prejudice, discrimination and persecution to lead to a vast programme of mass slaughter that spanned a continent.

And as we reflect again on these events, we must react to them too, to ensure that "Never Again" is not just a slogan, but a reality.

Dear Mr. Brown, Thank you for your kind words. Can't you go just one step further, draw on what you've just said and call out the Islamic and Arab Jew-haters who have focused all their efforts on the 'One more Time' campaign?

Why is that that as Europeans build their new empire upon the Jewish graves that the entire Europe really is, they are fine remembering the dead, but there are only precious few who would raise their voices for the living?

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The enemy within

Has the tide of, at least, US media opinion begun to change? A stunner from Chicago Tribune:

Last week, Israel closed border crossings into Gaza and blockaded some supplies of fuel and food, a response to rocket fire into Israel from the Palestinian territory. Electricity was reported to be in short supply in some places. Hospitals were warning of tragic consequences if power lapsed or medical supplies ran low. The Red Cross and UN issued warnings of a potential humanitarian crisis.

Israel eased the blockade on Tuesday. And on Wednesday, thousands of Palestinians flooded into Egypt after masked gunmen blasted huge holes in the border wall.

Sound familiar? It should. These kinds of flash points have been increasingly common since Hamas took control of Gaza. So have the warnings against the "collective punishment" of Gazans. And the potential solutions: There is talk, again, of an Israeli military incursion to stop the rockets that rain down on southern Israel from Gaza.

As always, Gazans look around, see how terrible conditions are, and point fingers. Many blame Israel. Or they blame the U.S. Or they blame Fatah, rival to Hamas.

If things are to improve in Gaza -- and we hope they do -- then that reflexive attitude is one of the first things that must change. Until most Gazans fix the blame for their miserable living conditions where it belongs -- on their elected leaders of Hamas -- Gaza will remain poised on the brink of crisis, sending rockets into Israel and then complaining bitterly when its foe retaliates.

This really isn't all that complicated. It's quiet for quiet. If the Palestinians stop lobbing rockets into Israel, there will be no retaliation.

This is not a matter of the "cycle of violence," as bedraggled a phrase as there is in the Middle East. Israel withdrew its settlers from Gaza in 2005. That was supposed to end the "provocation" of the settlements and stop the rocket fire. But it hasn't. There's also no doubt Hamas could stop the rockets. After Israel imposed its recent measures, for instance, five rockets were fired on Sunday, down from 53 in the prior two days, the Associated Press reported.

So why doesn't Hamas clamp down, to show it can effectively govern the territory? Unfortunately, the leaders of Hamas find it to their political and economic advantage to allow their people to suffer while they smuggle arms and money from Iran and elsewhere to continue the campaign of terror against Israel.

While Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas negotiates a peace deal with Israel, Hamas has pledged never to recognize the Jewish state. Hamas leaders have vowed not to abide by earlier agreements or renounce violence as a means to achieving their goals. With no prospect for negotiations, there's no prospect for reviving the economy and no prospect for improving people's lives. No wonder they'd rather fire rockets.

Who else benefits from this always-simmering crisis? One answer: Iran. Tehran gains influence as it builds up a terror ministate on Israel's border. Another answer: Syria, which hosts Hamas' headquarters and some of its top leaders. Increasing chaos in Gaza could play into Damascus' hopes for regaining sway over Lebanon.

Who suffers? That's easy: The people of Gaza. As long as Hamas is in power, Gaza will be driven further into misery, further from the path that would lead to an independent state. For Gazans, the real enemy is within.
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WaPo admits: Oscar for Hamas and al-Jazeera theater

An editorial in WaPo that is so unusual that it deserves special attention. This proves conclusively that WaPo editorial board is not composed of total ignoramuses and nincompoops - just a lot of folks who are usually obsessed with narrow-minded anti-Israeli prejudices and predilection to Islam radical terrorism.

THE HAMAS movement provided a dramatic illustration yesterday of its ability to disrupt any movement toward peace between Israelis and Palestinians. As tens of thousands of residents of the Gaza Strip surged across the border into Egypt, Hamas security forces directed traffic; earlier, they stood by as organized groups of militants blew up the fence along the previously sealed border. As Hamas no doubt expected, the government of Egypt greeted this illegal invasion with a quick surrender: President Hosni Mubarak announced that Gazans would be allowed to shop in Egypt because they "are starving due to the Israeli siege."

In fact, as Mr. Mubarak well knows, no one is starving in Gaza -- though food, fuel and cigarettes are much cheaper across the border. Israel closed its border with the territory and disrupted power supplies over the weekend in response to a massive escalation of Palestinian rocket launches from Gaza at nearby Israeli towns -- between Tuesday and Saturday last week, some 225 rockets were aimed at the town of Sderot, where more than 20,000 Israelis have been relentlessly terrorized. Hamas took advantage of the blockade first by arranging for sympathetic Arab media to document the "humanitarian crisis," then by daring Egypt to use force against Palestinian civilians portrayed as Israel's victims. Its ultimate goal, stated publicly yesterday by Damascus-based leader Khaled Meshal, is to force Egypt to permanently reopen the border in cooperation with Hamas; that would greatly diminish Israel's ability to respond to rocket attacks with economic sanctions, and it would undermine the rival Palestinian leadership of Mahmoud Abbas.

Mr. Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert committed themselves to reaching a peace accord in 2008 during President Bush's visit this month. Yet since then, political attention in the region has been focused on the rocket attacks, Israel's retaliatory strikes against militants in Gaza and the subsequent blockade, and yesterday's dramatic breach of the border. Naturally it is impossible for the peace negotiations to make progress in these conditions. So those who say their priority is an Israeli-Palestinian settlement ought to be trying to stop Hamas's disruptions.

That obligation doesn't just fall on Mr. Abbas and Mr. Olmert -- though Israel may have a lesson to learn from the way Hamas exploited its temporary shutdown of fuel supplies. Mr. Mubarak and other Arab leaders have to resist the urge to roll over every time they are challenged by Hamas and al-Jazeera television. Would Mr. Mubarak allow tens of thousands of Darfur refugees to illegally enter Egypt from Sudan, where a real humanitarian crisis is underway? Surely not. Egypt's obligation as a law-abiding state is to restore order on the border and prevent the ongoing and massive smuggling of armaments into Gaza. That would go a long way toward stopping the rockets.

The Bush administration and European governments should act to stop the ongoing farce at the U.N. Security Council and the U.N. Human Rights Council, which have ignored months of daily rocket attacks aimed at Israeli civilians but now rush to condemn a partial, three-day disruption of Gaza's power supplies. Hamas, and the people of Gaza, should get a consistent message that relief lies not in blowing up international borders but in ending attacks on Israel and allowing a peace process to go forward.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Market plunge & economic stimulus package

Markets are driven by millions of investors acting out their fears and hopes. As such, there are very few cases in which large market moves can be traced to specific events. There was certainly no doubt about the 9/11 market drop, but for the most part, it's impossible to walk the cat back and determine the chain of events that influenced markets.

However, we now have a prime suspect in the market drop this Monday. Apparently, one man's folly followed by institutional selfishness that may have greatly amplified what was originally a mild market fluctuation.

NYT reports:

As panic swept European markets on Monday, word spread that a big hedge fund was in trouble and dumping stocks.

Someone was selling, all right — Société Générale. The French bank was frantically unwinding an estimated $75 billion of bad bets on European stocks placed by a rogue trader, Jérôme Kerviel.

Société Générale rushed to unwind those trades during Monday’s market plunge, and trading in those futures contracts soared to record levels. The bank’s abrupt reversal contributed to a decline that snowballed into an avalanche of sell orders around the world, some traders said. The ensuing turmoil helped prompt the Federal Reserve to orchestrate the surprise cut in interest rates announced Tuesday.

“I have little doubt that Société Générale’s unwinding of those positions absolutely pressured indexes worldwide,” said Barry L. Ritholtz, chief executive of FusionIQ, a New York-based investment research and money management firm. “And wouldn’t it be embarrassing if the Fed had to make one of the biggest emergency rate cuts ever because of some rogue trader?"
What remains unexplained is why Société Générale kept the scandal under wraps till Thursday, when the affair came out. Profit, or rather, in this case, limiting losses seems to be the cause. It does appear at this time that the bank was running a secret operation to liquidate its maney loosing positions on Monday and Tuesday.

If that were to be the case, the CEO and the board of Société Générale certanly have a lot to answer for.

In the meanwhile, the Federal Reserve and its Chairman Ben Bernanke look like a bunch of idiot day traders and the American taxpayer is likely to pay for the recovery package to the tune of $160B dollars.

It does not take a genius from Management des Operations de Marche of Lyon graduate (Jérôme Kerviel Alma Mater) to figure out where Americans will send the money from the economic stimulus package. It will go mainly into energy (heating/gas/etc...) and Walmart (cheap crap). That's why OPEC and China are most excited about this turn of events. How is that for being dumb? That's your government in action and rare cross-party lines cooperation.

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Gandhi Grandson Leaves Peace Center

Good news: A relative of Mahatma Gandhi has resigned from a peace institute after drawing condemnation for comments he made in an online forum that Israel and Jews "are the biggest players" in a global culture of violence.As already noted in previous post, the article was an outrage:

Describing Israel as "a nation that believes its survival can only be ensured by weapons and bombs," Gandhi asked whether it would "not be better to befriend those who hate you?"

"Apparently, in the modern world so determined to live by the bomb, this is an alien concept," he wrote. "You don't befriend anyone, you dominate them. We have created a culture of violence (Israel and the Jews are the biggest players) and that Culture of Violence is eventually going to destroy humanity."

Gandhi later apologized "for my poorly worded post," saying he shouldn't have implied that Israeli government policies reflected the views of all Jewish people.

In the picture, the smiling Arun Gandhi is on the left. The sewer rat is on the right. Apparently Mr. Gandhi sympathy lies squarely with the rat.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

A cleric who trades in body parts

Straight talk from Guy Bechor of JPost:

He [Nasrallah] was referred to as “sewer rat,” “butcher,” and “murderer” around here, but he did not invent the Middle East: He merely plays in accordance with its cruel rules, and most importantly, he teaches us.

Had Hassan Nasrallah not existed, we would have to invent him, as in many ways he became Israel’s best survival guide. Just like an effective guide, he has no mercy on us and makes us cope with a series of challenges.

Nasrallah teaches us the tough rules of bargaining in our region, the rules of power and weakness, and how as a threatened minority, such as the Jews or the Shiites, one must be strong and determined in the Middle East. He reminds us what part of the world we live in, even if some of us thought that maybe we moved to Western Europe or to a new Middle East.

Here is the sewer rat himself talking:

"Oh Zionists your army is lying to you ... your army has left the body parts of your soldiers in our villages and fields," the black-turbaned leader said in a live speech transmitted to the crowd on a huge screen.

"Our mujahideen used to fight these Zionists, killing them and collecting their body parts. I am not talking about regular body parts. I tell the Israelis, we have the heads of your soldiers, we have hands, we have legs."

"There is even a near-complete body, a half or three-quarters of a body, from head, to chest to the torso," said Nasrallah.

Truly, a man of G-d. Their G-d. The Religion of Peace.

Note: EU does not consider Hezbollah a terror group. US and Israel do.

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4,200 balloons symbolizing Kassams placed on UN doorstep

JPost: As the United Nations Security Council debated a response to the situation in the Gaza Strip and Sderot, Israel's New York Consulate held a protest in front of UN headquarters on Thursday, in which they placed 4,200 red balloons on the UN's doorstep. The number of balloons signified the 4,200 Kassam rockets fired into Israel from Gaza since the 2005 disengagement from the Strip.

The display was meant to raise world awareness to the fact that Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip are part of an effort to end the rocket attacks, the consulate said in a statement.

"Up until this day, every attempt to raise the issue and make it part of the American media's agenda has been unsuccessful," Consulate Spokesman David Saranga said.

"The suffering of Gaza residents has received increased attention recently. The display is intended to emphasize the suffering of the residents of Sderot [and to] illustrate the incessant Kassam rocket attacks, as well as to call on the international community to stop ignoring what is happening in Israel," Saranga explained

Even NYT in its OpEd has conceded that:

We are deeply concerned about the many innocent Israelis who live along the border with Gaza and must suffer through the constant bombardment.

New, more vigorous strategies are required. Arab states, who for years have pleaded the Palestinian case and have thrown their support behind the Annapolis peace process, must use their influence (and their oil profits) to pressure Hamas’s leaders to halt rocket attacks, renounce terrorism and align with Fatah in pursuit of a peace deal.

Egypt, whose stature as a peacemaker has withered under President Hosni Mubarak, should take immediate, robust steps to shut down the tunnels that allow arms and money to flow to militants in Gaza. It should also accept more responsibility for securing the common border. No Israeli prime minister can sign a peace deal if it doesn’t make Israel more secure.

The NYT recommendation?

Mr. Bush needs to appoint a high-level envoy to deal with this and the dozens of other crises waiting to boil over. Gaza is a reminder that nothing in the peace effort can be ignored or taken for granted.

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Hitler and Goebbels would be proud!

Hitler and Goebbels would have felt right at home at the UN Human Rights Council Sixth Special [Jew-baiting] Session.

GENEVA - The U.N.'s top human rights body on Thursday condemned Israeli military action in Gaza and the West Bank.

The resolution, which also demands the lifting of the blockade on Gaza and calls for international action to protect Palestinian civilians, was proposed by Arab and Muslim countries and passed by 30 votes in favor, one against and 15 abstentions, during an emergency session of the 47-member U.N. Human Rights Council.

The U.S. Senate voted in September to cut off funding to the council, accusing it of bias.

Let me just say this: There will be a reckoning. Truth is notoriously slow, but it will triumph in the end. There will be a time when Arab and Muslim will become as dirty a word as Nazi and will become synonymous with genocide and abomination. And all those aiding and abetting the murderous designs and all those who stood by and did nothing will be held culpable and be condemned.

Read the resolution for yourself here. You will not find a reference to Hamas' charter, their bombings, Kassams or kidnappings.

Here is the roll call:

Nefarious and duplicitous: In favour (30): Angola, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritius, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Uruguay and Zambia.

Sanctimonious and hypocritical: Abstentions (15): Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cameroon, France [shame!], Germany [shame!], Ghana, Guatemala, Italy [shame!], Japan [shame!], Netherlands [shame!], Republic of Korea, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland [shame!], Ukraine [shame!]and United Kingdom[shame!!!].

Brave and righteous: Against (1): Canada.

There were voices of reason – observers all:

DAVID LITTMAN, of World Union for Progressive Judaism , noted that in four days the victims of the Holocaust would be remembered by the United Nations with the theme "remembrance and beyond". But it was important to remember the Hamas charter that the World Union had warned about before. All international conferences were a waste of time in the light of this Charter.

HILLEL NEUER, of United Nations Watch , said that the proposed draft resolution constituted a case of psychological projection. It was Hamas which deliberately fired rockets into Israel. They were the ones rejecting the very notion of distinction between combatants and civilians. Israel did the opposite by protecting its citizens. It should also be considered who had initiated this session. They included the lowest possible rated States in the annual world survey released by Freedom House. Were these the arbiters of human rights in the world today?

KLAUS NETTER, of B'nai B'rith , speaking on behalf of Coordination Board of Jewish Organizations, said the resolution placed before the Council ignored article 51 of the United Nations Charter, which gave each State the right of self-defence. Its one-sidedness was reflected by the total absence of any reference, much less condemnation of the incessant rocket and mortar attacks launched by the terrorist organizations based in the Gaza Strip against Israel's towns and cities located within the so-called Green Line, i.e. outside the occupied territories. If the Council continued to allow itself to be maneuvered time and again into an on-going anti-Israeli stance, even as peace negotiations were being conducted after a lapse of seven years, it would head for the same inglorious destiny as its discredited predecessor.

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Hamas cut through Gaza Wall in secret operation

As tens of thousands of Palestinians clambered back and forth between the Gaza strip and Egypt today, details emerged of the audacious operation that brought down a hated border wall and handed the Islamist group Hamas what might be its greatest propaganda coup.

Hamas border guard interviewed by The Times at the border admitted that the Islamist group was responsible and had been involved for months in slicing through the heavy metal wall using oxy-acetylene cutting torches.

The guard, Lieutenant Abu Usama of the Palestinian National Security, said of the cutting operation: "I've seen this happening over the last few months. It happened in the daytime but was covered up so that nobody would see."

Asked whether he had reported it to the government, he replied: "It was the government that was doing this. Who would I report it to?"

Haaretz.com: Explosions were set at 20 points along the border fence, clear evidence of a campaign that was planned and coordinated well in advance. Israeli intelligence officials will have to explain, to themselves and the country's leaders, whether and how the preparations took place without their knowledge - another Gaza goof, in the wake of the Hamas election victory in January 2006 and the rapid military drubbing it gave Fatah in the Strip last June.

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The wet Israeli dream may come true.

Hamas wrote, directed, and produced it in conjunction with the Muslim Brothers and with their main channel – al-Jazeera. The target audience: The Arab world, Israel, the United Nations, and Europe.Moreover, yesterday Hamas caused an absolute and complete disconnection between the Gaza economy and the West Bank economy, ahead of the emergence of two separate Palestinian entities. The moment huge quantities of goods entered the Strip without coordinating it with Israel, all duty agreements were in fact breached. From now on, Gazans would not be able to export even a matchbox to Israel or to the West Bank.

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Canada Abandons UN Anti-Racism Conference; .....

...Kenney Calls it 'Circus' >..With Libya elected to chair the next gathering, Cuba appointed vice-chair and rapporteur, and anti-Israel rhetoric and actions building, Kenney said his government was left with no choice but to abandon the preparatory process for the followup meeting....

Kenney noted important preparatory meetings have been called on Jewish high holidays, preventing Israeli officials from participating.

The UN gave planning oversight for the conference to its Human Rights Council, which has targeted Israel in 14 of its 15 resolutions charging human-rights violations in its first two years of existence.

"We've tried to influence it so that we would not revisit the overt expressions of hatred which came out of the original conference," said Kenney. "But we unfortunately ran into a brick wall.

"The process has been hijacked by those who would seek to replay the terrible experience of the first Durban conference."

Iran was named to the organizing committee, Kenney noted.

"This is a country whose government has publicly expressed its desire to eliminate the only Jewish country in the world," he said.

Furthermore, all of the non-governmental organizations invited to the first conference have been invited back to the second, including those that were at the "forefront of the hatred," some of which posted pro-Hitler posters at the 2001 gathering.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In their words: Syria today

Just another day in the Middle East. Syria is sponsoring a terror love-in in Damascus on the same day as it is calling for an Anti-Israeli resolution at the hornets nest of partisanship - UN Security Council. Syria assumed the presidency of the UNSC marking the second time the terrorist-sponsoring nation has held the prestigious post.

Israeli counselor Gilad Cohen addressed the [UN] council for a second time Tuesday afternoon, calling Syria's condemnation of Israel "hypocritical."

"It is hence the height of hypocrisy, cynicism and indecency for the distinguished representative of Syria to address the council and condemn Israel for merely defending itself against the very Hamas terrorists that it [Syria] supports," said Cohen. "Damascus is home and headquarters to numerous terrorist organizations, including Islamic Jihad and Hamas - the latter [of] whose political leader, Khaled Mashaal, lives there while continuing to orchestrate the killing of Israelis. Israel urges all states to end their support for terrorists and terrorism, in accordance with international law."

DAMASCUS (AFP) - Hamas and Syria-based Palestinian radical groups called for stepped up resistance against Israel as they began a three-day "national conference" Wednesday.
"I call for the pursuit of popular anger against the Zionists and the Americans until the blockade is lifted," Meshaal said.

Talal Naji of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC), which is organising the conference along with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, said Palestinians should "amplify the resistance against Zionist occupation."
DailyStar: "No one has authorization to give up Jerusalem, the refugees' right of return or any of the historic rights," the conference declaration said. "Resistance against the Zionist occupation is the main form of struggle to achieve liberation."
Meshaal said on Tuesday that Palestinians would continue to target Israel with rockets until the Jewish state ended its "onslaught" in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.
Times: Avi Dichter, the Israeli Public Security Minister, said that the town of Sderot, which is close to the Gaza border and has been hit by hundreds of Palestinian rockets in recent weeks, was close to collapse.

“The Government must instruct the [Israeli Army] to eliminate the rocket fire from Gaza entirely. These attacks need not be minimised or managed, but stopped completely, irrespective of the cost to the Palestinians,” he told the Cabinet yesterday.

The Palestinians' battle will not end with the entry of fuel into the Strip, and even if Gaza drowns in fuel the battle won't be over, Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal said Wednesday.

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Palestinian journalists admit Hamas staged 'blackouts'

JPost reports: Journalists noticed that there was actually no need for candles during Hamas meetings because they were being held in daylight.

On at least two occasions this week, Hamas staged scenes of darkness as part of its campaign to end the political and economic sanctions against the Gaza Strip, Palestinian journalists said Wednesday.

In the first case, journalists who were invited to cover the Hamas government meeting were surprised to see Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and his ministers sitting around a table with burning candles.

In the second case on Tuesday, journalists noticed that Hamas legislators who were meeting in Gaza City also sat in front of burning candles.

But some of the journalists noticed that there was actually no need for the candles because both meetings were being held in daylight.

"They had closed the curtains in the rooms to create the impression that Hamas leaders were also suffering as a result of the power stoppage," one journalist told The Jerusalem Post. "It was obvious that the whole thing was staged."

Another journalist said he and his colleagues were told to wait for a few minutes before entering the chamber of the Palestinian Legislative Council so that each legislator would have time to light his candle. He said that when he saw that the curtains had been closed to prevent the light from entering, he realized that Hamas was trying to manipulate the media for political gain.

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Live on Camera - News Crew attacked by Palestinian Snipers

A must see movie - a short while after Palestinian snipers shot dead a volunteer from Ecuador, the news team covering the incident became the next target. The camera caught it all - the fear, the uncertainty, knowing your life can end with the next bullet.

That's why the Jews build walls!

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Three Little Pigs 'too offensive'

The classic children's story the Three Little Pigs is to offensive for the British community. The reason cited is that "its raises cultural issues."This obviously calls for the revision of the entire US curriculum. Wait, aren't dogs offensive to Muslims too? Bye-bye Lassie! Forget it, Scooby Doo. You are SOL, White Fang. BTW, Jews have lived in England for a thousand years. Jews do not eat pork or keep pigs for fun or profit. Yet I do not recall a British Jew imposing their beliefs on the natives.

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Egypt just bought itself Gaza... back

What do you call two countries without a border? One country!

Egypt could not rid itself fast enough of Gaza back in '79 when the peace agreement with Israel was negotiated. Lest we forget, the seeds of Gaza crisis were originally created back in '49 when Egypt rejected the idea of integrating the refugees fleeing the Arab - Israeli war of '48 and chose to confine them in the small strip Egypt managed to occupy for it's military adventure.

Now, thanks to some of the clumsiest American diplomacy (Thanks Condy!) and unbelievable stupidity and irresponsibility of the Israeli government, we have another decisive Hamas victory.

What was that Bush wanted the Palestinian state to be?

jihadwatch.org: Bush calls for "painful political concessions" by both sides, but spells them out only for Israel. A contiguous Palestinian state would, of course, mean a bisected Israel, or a vastly diminished one that would be almost completely defenseless.
Well, as Egypt and Gaza melt together over the next weeks, at least the idea of bisecting Israel is dead on arrival.

In the meanwhile, Amman must be watching in horror: We all know what the next stage on the Hamas agenda is: a takeover over the PA controlled parts of the Judea and Samaria, rocket attacks on major Israeli population centers, following by Israeli pressure and isolation and than hostile takeover of Jordan by Hamas.

Think this is far fetched? Let's review in two years or so.

BTW, In addition to blowing the Egyptian border wall [not to be confused with the "apartheid" wall - when Jews defend themselves, it's obviously apartheid...] in 17 explosions aided by heavy mashinery, Hamas fired at least 16 Kassam rockets at the Sderot area today.

Olmert had any brains or balls, which he manifestly does not, he would unload Gaza, fortify the Egyptian border, tell all NGO's and UNRWA to operate from Egypt only, finally pronounce Oslo dead, ignore fading Abbas and negotiate the final agreement with the Palestinian State of Jordan. Any bets that reason will eventually prevail?

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hamas holds council by candlelight

Has anyone noticed a short passage that seems to have slipped through Reuters blanket dittoing Hamas propaganda machine on Gazan privations?

Canada.com: On Tuesday morning, Palestinian lawmakers in Gaza held a session by candlelight, drawing curtains on windows to keep out sunlight as invited television crews filmed the meeting.
I must say - Paliwood gets more and more sophisticated as time goes by. The "candlelight during the daytime" is a rare slop. I imagine - heads will roll. I and, since it's Hamas we are talking about, I do mean it literally.

The children candlelight demonstration in Gaza was a masterstroke. Assisted by practically all the news syndication media, the story has become the sufferings of little children of Gaza rather than Hamas' depravity. For five years these murderers have been lobbing rockets at civilians on the Israeli side of the border and it was a story confined to Israel only.

Hamas must have provided all news outlets with stock clips of premature babies and crying mothers. These have been running non-stop. As well as the shots of Gazans walking up to their knees in shit. I have not seen one comment on Hamas' governing ability. Where I come from, the heads of government are expected to take care of latrines, power and potholes.

But of course, the last thing Hamas is interested in is responsible governing. They are using international assistance, humanitarian funding and sympathy to arm and train their terrorist squads and to gather strength in preparation to another all out war.

They know that they can't loose: The media, UN, EU will be all over Israel the moment Jews decide to retaliate.

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4.3 million men to be circumcised

We need our own anti-Aids campaign. I suggest that we ask the members of Bush cabinet, the honorable members of Congress and Supreme Court judges to step forward to be snipped.

But it should be the primaries candidates who should be leading the way to the chopping block. May I suggest that their
circumcision be done publicly and televised. That can be immediately followed by a policy debate.

BBC: Rwanda has launched a campaign to encourage all men to be circumcised, to reduce the risk of catching HIV/Aids. A health minister told the BBC that soldiers, policemen and students would be asked to come forward first for circumcision.
The population of Rwanda is about 8.6m, assuming that half of them men, that would make it the largest public circumcision drive since the Spanish Inquisition.

The picture of the
soldiers, policemen and students all queuing up to a little guillotine is priceless.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

THREE military laptops have gone missing as security breach grows

UK defense secretary Des Browne has just revealed to parliament that it's not just one MoD [Ministry of Defense] laptop that's been stolen - it's three. One was taken from a car in Manchester in October 2006, and another from an army careers office in Edinburgh in 2005. (ZDNet)
This is a second huge security snafu that we know about perpetrated by UK government. It is a mystery how they can be so nonchalant. Heads have not rolled yet in the 3 million records misplaced by UK post office.

But for the military to be so blasé about it is alarming. Can any government be trusted with our records?

Missing are the details of 600,000 people including passport numbers, insurance numbers, family background information and medical details. The MoD is writing to about 3,500 people whose bank details were included on the database.
Here is something to think about:
The loss of unencrypted personal details has sparked fears that servicemen and women could be targeted by Islamist terrorists after police last year broke up an alleged plot to kidnap and kill a British Muslim soldier. (DailyMail)

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

No to hate, No to incitement, No to racism, no to government sponsored dehumanizing of a people.

When will peace prevail in the Middle East? When hatred and incitement stops.

The Arab and Muslim states have been getting away with the level of antisemitic incitement since the beginning of the last century. For almost a hundred years the combined propaganda machine of Arabs and Muslims has colluded in a mission to dehumanize Jews in general and Israelis in particular.

Europeans, Americans and the rest of the civilized world have been writing off Jew-hatred that oozes from Arab and Muslim newspapers, textbooks, television, sermons and Internet sites to "cultural differences". Not so! You cannot explain the most venomous Jew-hatred percolate every facet of Arab and Muslim public and private pastime.

It's time to stop making excuses and make Arab and Muslim countries understand that
their institutional antisemitism is unacceptable.

Palestinian Authority is a good place to start. Dr. Elihu Richter agrees on the pages of JPost:

AT ITS worst, incitement includes the dehumanization of Jews as "monkeys and pigs," the dissemination of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and maps without Israel; Holocaust denial and propagation of many of the classic motifs of anti-Semitism, in which Israel and Zionism have replaced "Jews" as targets. Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's calls to wipe Israel off the map, along with his Holocaust denials, are the tip of the iceberg.

An end to state-sponsored incitement to terror belongs right on top of the negotiating agenda, before any discussions on borders, settlements, refugees, Jerusalem, and all the other issues. The first "confidence-building measure" should be ending incitement, cutting off funding for those spreading such incitement, and prosecuting those who propagate hatred, not only in the PA, but its hinterland in Egypt and Jordan, and, yes, Saudi Arabia.

As The Jerusalem Post reported, even "moderate" Arab papers showcased anti-Semitic cartoons ahead of the Annapolis summit.

THE FOLLOWING phrases have yet to enter the lexicon of the negotiating process: "Incitement kills," "An end to incitement," "Incitement is toxic" and "Incitement makes genocidal terrorists."

Israel should be demanding an end to funding by US, EU and UN agencies of all institutions of learning and education that tolerate or issue hate language. Until Saudi Arabia and Egypt put an end to the propagation of the ugly anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish motifs in their mosques, texts, universities and media, neither should have any credibility as a participant or intermediary in any peace process.

Israel - and the world community - need to demand as the first "core issue" that we apply public health models of surveillance to identify and ban the use of hate language and incitement.

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UK study: EU funds Hate Education

British TaxPayers’ Alliance has published a report looking at the effects of British and EU aid spending in the Palestinian territories. The report is available here (6MB PDF file).

Note that Palestinian Authority has committed itself to the Middle East Quartet’s three principles: non-violence, recognition of Israel and acceptance of previous peace agreements.

Here are some highlights of the study:

“We ask of Allah that he should repay their deception in their throats for what they did and kill them one by one ... They are the Jews, they are the Jews. We ask of Allah that he gives us the ability to defeat them... We don’t want to be killed by our own people. We want to kill the Jews and that they should kill us. If they kill us, the Garden [Paradise] is ours, please God. If we kill them, Paradise is ours... Allah take the Jews and those who serve [help] them [repeats 5 times.] ... Kill them one by one, don't leave even one, show them a black day, make their children orphans and their wives widows, turn their wives into widows...” - Palestinian Authority TV

“Our people was afflicted by the cancerous lump, that is the Jews, in the heart of the Arab nation… America is on its way to disappear, America is wallowing [in blood] today in Iraq and Afghanistan, America is defeated and Israel is defeated, and was defeated in Lebanon and Palestine… Make us victorious over the infidel people… Allah, take hold of the Jews and their allies, Allah, take hold of the Americans and their allies… Allah, count them and kill them to the last one and don’t leave even one.” - Palestinian Authority TV

“O heroes, Allah has promised you victory.... Do not talk yourselves into flight… Your enemies seek life while you seek death. They seek spoils to fill their empty stomachs while you seek a Garden [Paradise] as wide as are the heavens and the earth... death is not bitter in the mouth of the believers. These drops of blood that gush from your bodies will be transformed tomorrow into blazing red meteors that will fall down upon the heads of your enemies." - PA schoolbook, Reading and Texts Part II, Grade 8, p. 16

"Jihad is an Islamic term that equates to the term war in other nations. The difference is that Jihad has noble goals and lofty aims, and is carried out only for the sake of Allah and for His glory… [By contrast] wars by other nations are mainly waged because of wickedness, aggression, love of domination, expanding influence, looting properties, murder, and the fulfillment of ambitions and desires, such as the war that the Western countries waged to exploit Islamic countries for imperialistic purposes, to control their Muslim citizens and to rob their resources and richness…" - “Islamic Culture” (page 208)

"The logical reason for executing a person who abandons Islam is the following: There is nothing in Islam that comes in contrast to human nature. Whoever joins Islam after recognizing its truth and after tasting its sweetness and then abandons it - is in fact rebelling against truth and logic. Like any other regime, Islam has to protect itself therefore this punishment [execution] awaits the person who abandons it, because he is spreading doubt about Islam…” - “Islamic Culture” (page 155)

"Mohammed said in his Hadith: “The Hour [Resurrection] will not arrive until you fight the Jews, and the rock and the tree will say: ‘Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!’” - Palestinian Authority TV, educational program

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Look who has crawled out of his cave – the Divine Victor of Lebanese war Nasrallah?!

Yes, it's him. The man who delivered to all of Lebanon and to the entire Arab nation a divine victory over Israel last year.

(AFP) Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah chief and one of Israel's most wanted men, appeared in public for the first time in more than a year to attend a Shiite religious event in the Lebanese capital on Saturday.
The man who delivered a crushing blow to Israel and emerged victorious from the ruins of Beirut to claim the mantel of the first Arab Terrorist to whip Israeli Army, has emerged from the cave where he spent the last year hiding. He summoned the courage to appear in public in order to be whipped in commemoration of Ashura, a Shiite holiday, when the believers smack themselves bloody for fun and glory while shouting - "Death to America, Death to Israel".

Hezbollah is responsible for the deaths of 299 US marines in 1983 Beirut barracks bombing. So far no American government has retaliated for that atrocity. EU dos not consider Hezbollah a terror organization.

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